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Video and photos from a workshop held at Tsinghua University, Beijing, on 19 March 2010, entitled “UK-China Innovation for Sustainability & Equitable Development”.

Speakers’ presentations from the day are also available to view or download.


Flickr set: Beijing Manifesto roundtable


You can watch individual presentations from the Roundtable below:

>> Prof Lan Xue, Professor and Dean of School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University: video

Prof Lan Xue called for a permanent secretariat to the G20 and the establishment of an International Science Foundation.

>> Prof Mu Rongping, Director, Institute for Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences: video (in Chinese) / transcript (in English)

China’s innovation policy has moved to focus on innovation management and co-ordination, S&T development, industrial innovation, innovation in the social domain (health, public services, security and the environment, infrastructure and innovation culture).

>> Liu Xielin, Vice-President, School of Management, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science: video (in Chinese) / transcript (in English)

The original Sussex Manifesto played a significant role in changing the thinking around Science & Technology policy and innovation in China.

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