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News / Policy Lab: Where have the politics gone?

On 14 June 2010, the eve of the New Manifesto launch, the Royal Society hosted a discussion about the politics of science and innovation for development. The title was “Science and Innovation for development: Where have all the politics gone?”. The speakers were Prof Andy Stirling, co-director of the STEPS Centre, and Dr Lidia Brito, Director of Science Policy at UNESCO.

This “Policy Lab” event is one of a series hosted by the Royal Society’s Science and Policy Centre.

Presentations – view or download

Prof Andy Stirling: Science and innovation for development: Where have the politics gone?
Dr Lidia Brito: STI for social justice and sustainable development: a New STEPS Manifesto for Global Science

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3Ds – Direction, Distribution and Diversity! Pluralising Progress in Innovation, Sustainability and Development (PDF, 700KB) by Stirling, A.

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