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News / Symposium ’09: What happened

This is the first of a series of posts which put forward summaries of the sessions at the STEPS annual symposium 2009, especially the implications of these discussions for the shape and content of the new manifesto and for the wider project of which it forms a part. (You can also download the full Symposium Report here.)

In doing so, we also attempt to go at least part of the way towards responding to the challenge put forward by one of the participants who discussed the event on the STEPS Centre blog – The Crossing:

“Perhaps the drafters of the Manifesto should look to their own advice on how to proceed. When faced with the food for thought generated by the symposium it might be pertinent to ask which bits to eat, who says so and why?”
Oliver Johnson, writing on The Crossing

The report first covers the presentations each of the sessions below in turn:

Session 1: Themes, challenges and opportunities – international debates
Session 2: Grassroots/bottom up innovation: How to facilitate emergence and flourishing
Session 3: What opportunities are presented by the global redistribution of innovative activity?
Session 4: Internationalisation of science, technology and innovation policy: What room for “constitutional” reform?
Responses from the international community, government, media, civil society and the private sector

Although not every point was captured, this report has also tried to cover some of the debates that took place during the question and answer sessions after each set of presentations.

Whether contributing presentations or wider discussion, each of the participants put forward points in a personal capacity, rather than necessarily reflecting the official viewpoints of their institutions. The STEPS Centre have taken on many (but not all) of these points to produce an updated draft of the new manifesto which will be circulated to the hosts of the roundtables that will be taking place over the coming six months.

Points made at the symposium, and further comments received through the roundtable events will be discussed within the STEPS Centre as a contribution to the final version of the manifesto, which will emerge in the first half of 2010. More importantly, however, the inputs, discussions and conclusions of these events will be documented on this website.

Various additional multimedia documentation of the symposium proceedings can all be found on the STEPS and New Manifesto websites:

>>Video vox pops on YouTube
>>Blogs from the Symposium on the STEPS Centre blog, The Crossing
>>Speaker presentations are available to view, share and download from our Slideshare site
>>Photos from the Symposium are on our Flickr page
>>The Institute of Development Studies’ Big Question podcast focuses on the New Manifesto project and features interviews with Geoff Oldham and Suman Sahai.

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