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News / Role of the round table events & convenor’s pack

In the second half of 2009, large and small roundtable events around the world will be held by STEPS partners, SPRU-IDS alumni networks and other organisations and individuals with an interest in the New Manifesto and its agenda. 

Download the Roundtable Convenor’s Pack (pdf 610kb)

The aim is not to try and force one international consensus, but to provide a forum for diverse and varied perspectives in local, regional or national contexts of innovation, sustainability and development, as a first step toward a deeper international engagement on these issues. 

Results of the events

Roundtable convenors are asked to write a short report of around 1,000 words (see the roundtable convenor’s pack for details). They are also asked, if possible, to submit alternative media such as photos, audio or video clips of their event. The STEPS Centre can help with this.

The reports and multimedia material will be posted here, on this website, to spark debate and set the stage for future collaboration in research and policy. 

Others will be able to see how ideas around science and technology for development are being discussed across the world. Anyone will be able to contribute and exchange feedback.

The New Manifesto, drafted by the team at the STEPS Centre, will draw inspiration from, and appropriately credit the various roundtable reports, but will not attempt to incorporate all of their proposals or to formulate an international consensus.

Convening a roundtable event

The Roundtable Convenor’s Pack makes the job of roundtable convenor as simple as possible. We welcome expressions of interest in hosting round table events. If you would like to convene a meeting please do get in touch – email [email protected].

The format is very flexible and allows for small or large groups, from a handful of people in your workplace to a larger event as part of an existing conference. Roundtables can also vary in length, from a lunchtime meeting to a half or full day.

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