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You can access all of the STEPS Centre’s  published work, from Working Papers, books and reports to briefings and journal articles, via our main website www.steps-centre.org

We are committed to making our work as accessible as possible, so STEPS Centre publications are published under a Creative Commons licence and can be downloaded for free in pdf format.

Among the latest publications are:

STEPS Working Paper 15 – Bt Cotton Undying Promise: Agricultural Biotechnology’s Pro-poor Narrative, Ten Years On  by Dominic Glover

STEPS briefing 15 – Transgenic cotton – a pro-poor success?

STEPS Working Paper 18 – Thailand  The Political Economy of Avian Influenza in Thailand by Rachel M. Safman 

STEPS Working paper 14 – Ebola  Haemorrhagic Fevers in Africa: Narratives, Politics and Pathways of Disease and Response  by Melissa Leach

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