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publications / Announcement: The Multimedia Manifesto


The multimedia version of Innovation, Sustainability, Development: A New Manifesto, is exactly the same text as the printed  version but helps bring the issues raised to life with video, audio and other materials.

The material used is a mixture of video, audio and reports collected during the course of the manifesto project, including clips from some of the 20 roundtables that have been run in association with the project, as well as relevant resources drawn from the work of other people and organisations.

Some of these materials concur with the ideas put forward in the New Manifesto, whilst others put forward different perspectives. Our aim is to illustrate these differences and encourage debate and action around these issues into the future. To that end, we welcome any comments or examples of innovation for development, which you can send to us via email to [email protected] for posting on this site. Or you can comment via our blog.

The multimedia manifesto is available on CD, which may be helpful for people with limited or no internet access.  Those without access to the net will be able to view much of the video, audio and reports presented here as it is loaded on to the CD, while those with an internet connection will also be able to view the ‘additional online resources’.
Efforts have been made to ensure that those using older computer software or hardware will be able to view the materials.

The production of the Multimedia Manifesto was co-supported by UKIERI.

» Read the Multimedia Manifesto online

» Download a copy of Innovation, Sustainability, Development: A New Manifesto (pdf 1MB)

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» Order a printed copy of the New Manifesto, cost £5.00 from the IDS bookshop

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