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A series of round table events took place across the world, as the Manifesto was being drafted. The discussions helped to inform the writing of the Manifesto. Video, audio and reports from the round tables were featured in the Multimedia Manifesto. This section features all the reports, media and other information from the events.

Paris roundtable, 6 Jan 2011

Melissa Leach, Andy Stirling and Adrian Ely will be presenting the New Manifesto in Paris on the afternoon of 6 January.

The discussion (in French) will invite responses from French government and non-governmental stakeholders, and will focus on domestic implications of the manifesto as well as international opportunities.

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Netherlands round table

Ilse Oosterlaken at the TU Delft / 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology in the Netherlands hosted a Manifesto project round table event in The Hague on November 24 2009.

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