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Indian subcontinent

A series of round table events took place across the world, as the Manifesto was being drafted. The discussions helped to inform the writing of the Manifesto. Video, audio and reports from the round tables were featured in the Multimedia Manifesto. This section features all the reports, media and other information from the events.

Delhi, June 2011: Seminar on Innovation, Sustainability and Development

On June 28-30, 2011, the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (Delhi) organised an international seminar on Innovation, Sustainability and Development in partnership with the Centre for Development Studies-Trivandrum and the STEPS Centre, UK.

Below you can find the programme, as well as links to videos of the speakers and presentations, where these are available.

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Marathmoli roundtables: reports

The Marathmoli roundtable process took place in Maharashtra, India in March and April 2010. (Marathmoli Maharashtra Women’s Net is an information network and support service for women and other marginalised people of Maharashtra.)

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Sri Lanka Roundtable – report and photos

The Sri Lanka Manifesto roundtable was held in Colombo on 30 March 2010. It was hosted by Practical Action (Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan) with support from the STEPS Centre.

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India round tables

Two round tables were held in New Delhi and Bangalore in February 2010.

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