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Symposium ’09: final session – Responses from the international community, government, media, civil society and the private sector

The last session, chaired by Melissa Leach, invited various participants to feed back on the preceding discussions.

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Symposium ’09: Session 4 – Internationalisation of science, technology and innovation policy – what room for “constitutional” reform?

In response to the set of proposals put forward in the New Manifesto (outlined by Andy Stirling), this session, chaired by Adrian Ely, discussed the potential for reform of institutions involved in setting STI policy (including governmental and non-governmental actors at national and international levels).

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Symposium ’09: Session 2 – Grassroots/bottom up innovation – how to facilitate emergence and flourishing

The second session, chaired by Ian Scoones, took forward one of the focal points of the new manifesto, that innovation is already occurring across the world in forms that are not necessarily picked up by conventional metrics or policies.

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Symposium ’09: Session 1 – Themes, challenges and opportunities – international debates

This first session, chaired by Melissa Leach, introduced and contextualised the new manifesto project, outlining some of the assumptions of mainstream approaches and identifying opportunities and challenges for radical change.

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STEPS Centre Symposium ’09: Multimedia

The STEPS Centre’s Annual Symposium focussed on our New Manifesto project. We attempted to capture a flavour of the discussions by recording video interviews, taking photos, by bloggers  contributing  thier thoughts and by making speaker presentations available.

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Background paper / The Global Redistribution of Innovation: Lessons from China and India

By Adrian Ely and Ian Scoones

In the 40 years since the original “Sussex Manifesto”, the global landscape of science, technology and innovation has altered radically. The emergence of new centres of innovation in many of what were in 1970 grouped as “developing countries” has important implications not only for those interested in maintaining the competitiveness of the more established economic powers, but more importantly for addressing global challenges of poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability.

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