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Entries tagged with ‘Latin America’

IDRC, Science and Technology Policy Instruments Project

The Science and Technology Policy Instruments (STPI) project was an extensive research project organised by the International Development Research Centre on the implementation of science policy in developing countries, elaborated over seven years and resulted in more than 200 papers and reports.  The STPI project studied the role of science and technology in economic development, particularly in the industrialization process, and looked at: mechanisms of policy formulation, decision making, and policy implementation; factors affecting technological change; and industrial administration.  Read the full article »

Sagasti ‘A systems approach to science and technology policy-making and planning’

Source: Sagasti, Francisco (1972) A systems approach to science and technology policy-making and planning, Estudios sobre el desarrollo científico y tecnológico No. 7, Departamento de Asuntos Científicos, Washington D.C., Organización de Estados Americanos.  Full text available online at: http://franciscosagasti.com/publicaciones/publicaciones_02/1%20A%20systems%20approach%20to%20science%20and%20technology%20policy-making%20and%20planning%20FS2002.pdf

Herrera ‘Social Determinants of Science Policy in Latin America’

“This article postulates a new approach to development from the point of view of technological requirements. Its basic characteristics would be an objective of satisfying basic needs such as food, shelter, health and education: development based on indigenous natural and human resources: new technologies which are not socially disruptive, allowing a smooth continuous transition from traditional societies to better forms of social organisation; and the objective of the rational management of the environment as a guideline of economic and social Read the full article »

OAS: Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation for Development

This report by the Organization of American States, revised just before the Fourth Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata, aims to contribute in “the formulation of a new approach” to leveraging science and technology in development strategies, toward “poverty reduction and the construction of a Knowledge Society”.   Read the full article »

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