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UNCTAD-III, Santiago

The original resolutions presented by the G77 were on world monetary reform and participation by developing countries in the IMF, but resulted in resolutions on technology transfer and ‘Special Measures for the 25 Least Developed Countries’. There was a heated debate on the terms and conditions of technology transfer being institutionalised in an ‘International Code of Conduct’. Part of the difficulties in negotiations resulted from a divide among the G77 group.

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UNCTAD Intergovernmental Working Group on Technology Transfer

The Trade and Development board of UNCTAD decided to set up an Intergovernmental Group on the Transfer of Technology with 45 governments represented, to identify obstacles and problems in technology transfer, to consider the possibilities of international and national action. The Intergovernmental Group was not empowered to start international negotiations, only to propose areas for action. (Connors, 1973: 15)

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