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Timeline Events / “Scientific Research and Social Needs” by Julian Huxley, 1934

Julian Huxley’s book “Scientific Research and Social Needs“, which was published in 1934, deals with British science efforts, with particular reference to social needs. He sees science as a social activity which itself demands scientific study. The basis of the book are twelve talks and discussions that were broadcasted on the British Broadcasting Corporation. The book is the outcome of a broad survey of the whole field, examining the influence of science on such essential matters as food, clothing, building, health and communications. Huxley laid the foundation for formal taxonomy of research: he introduced definitions and new terms as well as created categories. His work became very influential for later work on science; it paved the way for systematic efforts to measure science.

Source: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/17083800

Link: http://www.csiic.ca/PDF/Godin_30.pdf

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